Online Captions & Subtitles Toolkit - Version Change Log

Change Log

Mar 23rd, 2020 update

Mar - 23 - 2020

• Implemented "Don't count composition characters" option • Implemented Quibi Web VTT • Implemented calling 'Mark task as complete' URL if passed from Manager API • Implemented close / status / get project external API endpoints • Implemented multiple time formats for ABDL export in Transcribe • Implemented menu for quick transition between Create and Translate apps • Implemented hotkeys 'Move word to next sub', 'Move word to previous sub'
Bug fixes
• Fixed Rollup captions preview • Fixed EBU STL OoonaConvert multiple colors per line export with 2 spaces on color change • Fixed EBU STL exporting with English US header code when country is set to UK • Fixed HLS playback • Fixed SAMI export language tags • Fixed external export configuration showing default settings instead of the selected template's settings • Fixed 'find and replace' ignoring html encoded characters • Fixed group edit/assign via Users menu • Fixed sentence coloring hotkey catching the dot and last character of the line above • Fixed text pasting outside of Toolkit pasting with colors • Fixed too long lines fix duplicates text if auto line break is off • Fixed default vertical positioning on VTT file import
Jan 27th, 2020 update

Jan - 27 - 2020

• Implemented Disney IMSC 1 .ttml • Added simplified positioning for IMSC1 export • Added 'Last Modified' column to application Templates in Dashboard • Added option to move the chat bubble in case it disturbs the user interface (under the help menu) • Sync by time / index option is now always shown in Translate & Review apps • UI update for apps list
Bug fixes
• Fixed TTML aspect ratio values for IMSC1 export • Fixed SCC rollup styles import/export • Fixed external file import with explicit configuration template failing for any non-ooona file type • Fixed untimed project table sorting in Review app • Fixed first subtitle in a new TTXT project not defaulting to line 22 #TK-518 • Fixed Apple DVD STP .stl import with dot frames delimiter • Fixed sync by time / index behavior in Translate / Review apps • Fixed file extension being ignored in batch export configuration • Fixed apostrophe acting as sentence-ending punctuation when coloring text • Fixed repeated words without punctuation not always getting fixed • Fixed closed captions style always defaulting to pop-on • Fixed Review app false positive change indicator when outline, box or justification had empty or default value • Fixed rich text copy/pasting
Known issue
• Rollup style captions are not showing correctly in preview (this will be fixed in the next upgrade) - the issue does not affect actual exports
Dec 24th, 2019 update

Dec - 24 - 2019

• Added option to search "Master Column" in "Find > Jump To" dialog • Allow changing timecode values usin +/- buttons for subtitles that aren't in focus • Added hotkeys to play video at double / half speed • Added new languages with corresponding language codes • Implemented smart rich text pasting • "Box" & "Outline" options are now hidden in Teletext mode • Removed new lines and tabs inside TTML files < p elements for pretty - print • Removed text style toggling when using foreground / background styling hotkeys • Improved double-height text behaviour in Teletext mode • Added validation when importing an.ooona file to check language mismatch • Implemented a download dialog to avoid the popup blocker for DVD images export
Bug fixes
• Fixed styled spaces being caught in partial italics check • Fixed validation errors list not updating correctly after a subtitle is removed or merged • Fixed "Repeated word without punctuation" and "Repeated Word" checks and fixes • Fixed Cheetah CAP italics export in OoonaConvert • Fixed RTL reversed punctuation in Review diff dialog • Fixed batch export ignoring nested fields in the settings templates • Fixed case toggling not working for partial text selection • Fixed extra spaces when multiple colors are used in the same row • Fixed fast typing in Korean • Fixed review "Show only edited" functionality • Fixed setting hotkeys behavior if you select a modifier key before a main key • Fixed syncing source & target columns by timecode • Fixed issues in snapping to shot change, corresponding checks and fixes • Fixed 'Finish project' cancellation not working • Fixed EBU.stl import/export for subs with mixed horizontal alignment
Nov 11th, 2019 update

Nov - 11 - 2019

• Range selection now starts at active caption • Added hotkey to toggle dashes for dual speakers (options available in user configuration) • Added hotkey - Set default box • Added a single 'Title case' hotkey to toggle between all text cases for current word or text selection • Fixed 'Spellchecker does not catch last error after manual changes' • Fixed bug with 'Ghost box' always rendered as solid black box in Burn app • Fixed bug with 'Paint roller' and text not always changing to the selected color • Fixed Export to Word sometimes failing due to unexpected character • Fixed error exporting SRT, PAC, STL for Norwegian projects without language variant • Fixed EBU - TT import with black background • Fixed hash marks in subs causing STL export issues • Fixed extension block in EBU STL to allow full length 3 - row captions
Management and External API
• Added admin option for custom dictionaries and profanity lists (excluded words are flagged by profanity check) • Implemented a solution for custom export dialog on Finish Project • Added "Preview Subtitles" checkbox for Scripting in external configuration • Added file codes and order metadata in TM to extend file naming in batch export • Fixed Auto - setting FPS from.DAT file altering Media Start TC in the project • Fixed Minimum sub duration value showing as 00:00:01:00 on external form but acting as 00:00:01:01 in the project • Fixed language code export for projects with language value of "Chinese Simplified" • Fixed 'File naming config' occasionally dropping the language value from the name
Oct 30th, 2019 update

Oct - 30 - 2019

• Implemented an automatic update of configurations to the current state of the template in the management system • Implemented auto calculate out-cue for current subtitle while typing • Fixed file naming & aspect ratio issues • Fixed "Chinese Simplified" export language code • Fixed TTML formats black background value when it's already boxed • Fixed closing quotation mark not colored by Sentence Hotkey • Fixed preview font scaling at full screen • Fixed range selection via hotkey doesn't start at active caption • Fixed PageDown during playback skipping next subtitle • Fixed check for uppercase after comma to ignore I • Fixed spellcheck removing the next error from the list on fix • Fixed review changes tracking when exporting and re - importing a file • Improved checks & fixes dialog performance
Oct 3rd, 2019 update

Oct - 03 - 2019

Bug fixes and improvements
• Fixed new captions defaulting to the color of last foreground color selected issue • Fixed reading speed check for WPM value • Fixed paint roller and text sometimes not changing to the selected color • Fixed 3-line captions split in wrong place • Fixed full text does not paste if line limit breached • Fixed caption splitting duplicating text • Fixed spellcheck issues • Fixed character count for Tamil, Telugu Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali & Bangla • Fixed DVD Images text positioning, bleeding outlines + added a warning for truncated lines • Fixed file import overwrite warning showing for merge, append, and master import • Fixed missing text from DVD Images export for lines with complex styling • Fixed EBU STL import / export issues with positioning, alignment and double height • Fixed inline styles toggling not always working • Fixed paint roller disappearing when the user plays the clip • Fixed inline styles persistency issues • Fixed user unable to select a text color until after typing in caption
• Added 2.35:1 and 2.4:1 to the list of aspect ratios • Changed audio scrubbing to play a single frame instead of 2
• Added support for negative timeline offset value • Added a separate sub-menu for DVD Images export • Implemented configurable dialogue dash toggling via user configuration • Added missing dictionaries and updated missing language IDs for Chinese languages • Added aspect ratio and video format to Timed Text IMSC1 export • Created a separate check for "Repeated words without punctuation" • Set the default mode to "Open" for all open/ subtitles exports • Implemented an tool panel button to show editing codes • Updated 'Set default box' hotkey to toggle between fixed box and default box
Management and External API
• Fixed auto-setting FPS from .DAT file when opening from an integrated system with different framerate • Updated automatic file naming for batch export from integrated systems • Implemented a batch export process for a single format with no specific delivery specifications provided • Fixed file naming sometimes dropping the language value from the name • Implemented batch export warnings display in the table and log file download at the end of the process • Fixed exporting with "00:00:00:00" start TC recuts the entire project so that the first subtitle will start at "00:00:00:00" • Fixed project settings empty start TC changing to 0 • Fixed "Same as project" template values defaulting back to the actual FPS
Aug 13th, 2019 update

Aug - 13 - 2019

• Change mode to Open when exporting an open subtitles format • Automatically update EBU standard to Teletext when changing the project mode to Teletext • Fixed ITT exporting with invalid style attribute • Fixed repeated words check when there's punctuation between the repeated words • Show confirmation message on import if importing to an existing project to avoid accidental overwrite • Fixed media input string values • Fixed reset password not working when the username contains unicode characters • Fixed EBU STL export via OoonaConvert double space between 2 different colors • Fixed EBU STL 3 lines with more than 90 characters import via OoonaConvert • Don't force 23.976 fps for Fox IMSC 1 exports • Fixed closing quotation mark not colored by sentence hotkey • Fixed EBU standard on export being empty by default • Updated import / export dialog UI to show more fields • When using the Move first/last word a line up/down don't breach the line length limit • Fixed fit subtitles to one row doesn't maintain vertical position when aligned to top • Implemented a Clear button in the checks and fixes dialog to uncheck everything • Fixed rich text issue in spellcheck preview and find and replace when target text has a tag • Fixed video clip jumping to end when launching the Toolkit via API with a start TC value
Jul 24th, 2019 update

Jul - 24 - 2019

• Updated Fox IMSC 1 export to new specifications • Fixed SCC exporting with late timecodes • Added SCC late timecodes post export validation • Added an hotkey for "Add subtitle before the selected subtitle" • Fixed file name for nameless project exporting • Allow enter to act as line breaker when not in the last line • Moved script export to "Import / Export" menu • Implemented searching in master column • Implemented "Toggle dialogue dashes" (with / without space) hotkey for focused subtitle • Fixed OoonaConvert SCC alignment • Fixed jump to current in-cue when video follows subtitle is off • Implemented "Move previous out-cue to match current in-cue" hotkey • Fixed project showing old validation errors after subtitles file import • Fixed layout editing element dragging issue • Implemented local project backup saving every 3 minutes to use as a restore point • Don't show CC line length warning when exporting Fox IMSC1 • Fixed media time input when fps is "- Same as project -" • Enable "Omit subtitle" when "lockTimecodes" is true • Implemented language code selection for xml files export + updated languages list + updated Fox IMSC1 language codes mapping • Added an hotkey for clear paragraph text • Fixed external project opening not allowing to lock settings, import, export and media open • Fixed external project opening with a configuration template showing a different configuration selected • Fixed apply revisions merging and vertical alignment detection and applying • Updated apply revisions to verify the box count in descendant project before applying
Jul 2nd, 2019 update

Jul - 02 - 2019

• Added Lao and Azerbaijani languages + dictionaries for those 2 + Mongolian • Added a feature to remove text from subtitles range • Added an option to export Transcribe word file without custom columns (speaker) • Added default shotchanges sensitivity option to application settings • Changed Fox IMSC1 to open subtitles instead of closed captions by default • Fixed SCC being exported with <span> for certain projects • Fixed chain subtitles checks not always fixing overlaps • Fixed incorrect pasting of copied text containing 2 lines • Fixed italics not working when range is selected and nothing is focused • Fixed match word in Find & Replace not replacing words at the beginning or end of a line • Fixed player controls overlapping with TC counter on lower-res screens • Fixed spellcheck incorrectly changing words containing the word being fixed • Fixed text pasting trimming spaces from beginning / end of text • Fixed timecode editing shifting digits instead of overwriting them • Fixed video's seekbar mouse hovering tooltip • Implemented an option to export script to word without text • Implemented hotkeys repeating when holding the hotkey down • Implemented paging for open project dialog to improve the response time • Implemented subtitles range omittion • Improved projects saving performance • Make profanity check not fixable to avoid automatic batch replacements • Scale CC subtitles preview grid when video is in full screen mode • Updated ST-20520 Disney Component font family to monospace instead of Arial • Updated default settings for EBU STL export to include color codes
Jun 5th, 2019 update

Jun - 05 - 2019

• Improved timeline play-head dragging accuracy • Fixed clicking on timeline with a small movement not moving the play-head • Allow showing subtitles in Transcribe (from the project settings - off by default) • Fixed inline style toggling on a new box not always working • Fixed DVD Image export with Arial Narrow Bold • Implemented TTML ST-2052 Disney Component • Implemented auto population option of framerate from dat file • Show snapped subtitles comb while playing the video • Fixed export dialog mode changing to open instead of closed captions • Toggle inline style in a new box when using the sentence coloring hotkeys • Color the entire caption for foreground / background coloring hotkeys in Teletext mode • Fixed CC box splits on enter for certain projects • Fixed web VTT exporting empty lines without <br/> • Fixed 2+ or 4 dots failing to replace 4 dots by removing the last letter in the text
May 22nd, 2019 update

May - 22 - 2019

• All around performance improvements • Added forced subtitles support for Apple DVD STL import / export via OoonaConvert • Fixed timeline waveform missing when playing (only hide on zoom out) • Fixed review false positives changes • Fixed cursor jumping back to before the music note when adding with an hotkey • Fixed line exceeding maximum length not always coloring in red • Fixed paragraph top toolbar sometimes becoming disabled • Fixed projects not auto saving regularly for new projects
May 12nd, 2019 update

May - 12 - 2019

Bug fixes and improvements
• General system wide performance improvements (table, toolbar and timeline) • Fixed conflict in default hotkeys scheme • Fixed Closed captions project won't open if user's default line length is 10K and screen lines is 50 • Fixed spellcheck for words containing brackets • Fixed upper-case SCC import • Fixed Cheetah .CAP import left / right alignment • Fixed closed captions table xpos preview offset - simply round to left / center / right • Fixed error message when trying to save the project on tab close • Fixed RTL punctuation in DVD Images export via OoonaConvert • Fixed Cheetah .CAP from Sfera importing with wrong vertical position • Fixed exporting from a project with 15 lines to EBU STL defaults to 11 lines because of the default "Open" mode settings • Fixed false positive results on chain test showing 1 frame diff when there's a 2 frame diff for 29.97 fps • Fixed ITT and NFLX supported time formats (limit to SMPTE and MediaNNN) • Fixed RTF export including vertical alignment even if it's unchecked in settings • Fixed 2 subtitles with same in/out cues not flagged as overlapping • Fixed line count & line length count warning when exporting an open file from closed captions project • Fixed STD import error when note tag doesn't have a group attribute • Fixed SCC inconsistent timecodes + fixed SCC validator line index • Fixed overlapping paragraphs validation when overlap is forbidden • Always align subtitles with XPos to the center in the table • Fixed align and justification in source column, readonly column and while playing • Fixed 890 changing vertical aligned items import / export • Fixed multiple spaces not being visible in the video subtitles preview • Fixed Transcribe script annotations export with brackets
• Added 'Line Length' as export parameter to all CC formats and added 'mode' to all exports • Added a hotkey to clear selected range
• Renamed hotkey 'Go to beginning / end' to 'Jump to first / last subtitle' • Omitted subtitles will no more show on the video • Added a "Retry" button when video crashes • Implemented authentication recovery from internet disconnection or lost token / cookie if user checked "Remember Me" • Added a hotkey to add/remove current subtitle to/from range selection • Implemented bulk styling (ctrl+i/b/u) when there's a multiple selection and using the style hotkey • Implemented vertical text property on the subtitle level with hotkey, menu item, added visual indicator in the active subtitle. Video preview is partially available • Added post export validations to ITT and NFLX-TT • Added an option to delete shot change in the timeline • Implemented automatic reauthentication after a temporary disconnection from the internet • Added an hotkey to italicize an entire subtitle • Implemented default settings per format to auto populate when selecting the format in the import / export form • Updated rich editor styles toggling to be more intuitive and added a preview for the current inline styles • Clear spellcheck ignored words when a task flows from create/CC/translate to review • Added encoding selection and encoding auto-detection for SoftNi .Sub format • Fixed DLP bottom vertical position to relation to the baseline of the text (not the middle and not the bottom) • Updated table row height to calculate according to the project's subtitles lines settings + font size + fixed table header height
Management and External API
• Fixed user backups progress bar in Dashboard • Prevent ctrl+z from unloading the video immediately after opening a task from Project Management systems • Always show language, fps and time format in batch export and external export configuration • Added country to project settings and allow same as project country in export template to support country-less export via batch export • Implemented external heartbeat call to Project Management systems to notify user is still online (every minute) • Remove spell-check ignored words when flowing between external tasks
Apr 2nd, 2019 update

Apr - 02 - 2019

• Fixed 890 supers import • Fixed project vertical align not re-calculating when changing screen lines • Fixed PAC export error for missing special fonts • Fixed edit user profile not working • Fixed toolbar hotkeys text overlapping with label • Added RTL reorder to SRT import • Fixed failed binary formats uploading possible error • Fixed invalid timecode format on export after selecting a template • Fixed EBU STL exporting with 11 lines sending 15 lines based subtitles • Fixed EBU STL export always defaults to 11 lines on template selection • Fixed time format updating on format change in import / export forms • Updated timecode overrun calculation • Fixed SCC exporting 2 lines with same timecodes (not allowed in specs) • Implemented post validation for SCC files after export • Fixed file export dialog not merging export fields with project settings • Updated table row text and header styling • Fixed shared review projects opening • Fixed logging in without "Remember me" doesn't allow more than 1 open tab • Prevent backups being created on every project save
Mar 21th, 2019 update

Mar - 21 - 2019

Bug fixes
• Fixed error count is not auto-updating after fixes • Fixed exceeding characters not coloring red when text is colored white • Fixed file properties dialog not opening • Fixed find and replace not replacing html encoded characters (<, >, &, ", ') • Fixed find and replace replacement of matches at the beginning and end of the line • Fixed hotkeys not working when the app isn't focused • Fixed overlapping paragraph spotting adding at the wrong index • Fixed range selection drifting out of screen on low resolution screens • Fixed repeated word check and fix • Fixed sentence coloring when cursor is in the middle of an ellipsis • Fixed shot-change distance frame count being off for non-round framerates • Fixed some duration errors which could not be auto-fixed • Fixed negative TC offset on export shows as empty on next exports but still offsets • Fixed import/export settings derivation from project settings (rather than last used) • Fixed invalid line align on EBU STL import • Fixed OoonaConvert ITT missing default regions when they are not used (top, bottom) • Fixed SCC is exporting with 42 columns when selecting a STL export preset and changing the format to SCC • Fixed EBU STL first in cue not populating • Fixed SRT encoding auto detection • Add an option to add an empty row after every row for script export • Implemented XIF format (Beta) • Implemented DCDM (SMPTE 428-7-2007) xml format • Implemented EBU-TT (Beta) • Added '2x2 Script (txt)' and 'Timed Script (txt)' to export options • Added option to scale 890 files vertical position on import • Fixed subtitles not showing up when user configuration is empty • Fixed text being too small in Review Pro when 3 columns are visible in the table • Fixed typing in empty box that inherits italics from previous row jumps the cursor before the first character • Implemented an "Ooona Project" format to support projects comparison in the Compare app
• Improved dialog dragging by showing the entire dialog in the ghost preview near the cursor • Replaced red text color with more readable alternative on dark background
New Features
• Detect Tab key space (in leading / trailing spaces check) • Added Chinese (Mandarin) as a separate language with cmn-Hant language code • Added current subtitle index to spellcheck fix dialog + moved the dialog to the left side of the screen • Added Spanish (Mexico) language • Adjusted too small numbers in UI (time codes, CPS at the bottom etc) and table row header • Allow using a different output engine in Convert and Batch Convert • Cancel toggle on coloring hotkeys (set color and don't remove it on second use) • Don't highlight source column boxes on multiple selections • Improved application behavior when jumping too fast between subtitles • Clear ignored words when clearing spellcheck results • Fixed spellcheck only showing errors from last lines • Fixed spellcheck order of execution when continue to next error is checked • Fixed spellcheck removes punctuation between two words without a space • Fixed spellchecker ignoring special symbols in words • Implemented a profanity check based on predefined lists per language • Implemented an option to fix errors without exiting the spellchecker • Show conflicts for Chrome and OS reserved hotkeys + show more information about conflicts in a tooltip • Show hotkey value for any action with a hotkey in the toolbar • Implemented Jump to previous /next validation error hotkeys • Implemented a rewind button on the video player controls panel (no hotkey yet) • Implemented timelineOffset option in Project Settings (Video tab) to allow compensating • shot-change offset + fixed snapping start / end to shot-change • Implemented a floating timecode dialog NEEDS FIX • Added a hotkey to toggle 'video follows table' + UI indication (next to Work/Review) • Disregard hotkeys in any open dialog • Implemented project progress value •
Feb 13th, 2019 update

Feb - 13 - 2019

Bug fixes
• Fixed jump to current in-cue jumping to next box after using jump to out-cue • Fixed project settings min / max duration not calculating by updated fps value • Fixed 'Fit subtitles to one row' not flagging subtitles when number of characters equals max • Fixed font value for ITT export via EZConvert • Fixed EBU STL importing everything as top aligned via OoonaConvert and failing via EZConvert • Fixed missing "Spanish" language • Fixed captions disappearing from preview • Fixed CAP invalid split box import issue • Fixed editor not showing white text color • Fixed statistics dialog failing when a paragraph has an empty outline value • Fixed TTML converter ignoring white foreground color even if it's wrapped with a different color • Fixed SCC redundant new line on export and corrupt line indexes • Updated CAP export via OoonaConvert • Fixed - Cannot set exact cue values before applying new FPS in project settings • Fixed - Ctrl + I enables italics only from the 2nd character on a new line • Fixed auto line wrap wrapping a line when moving selection • Fixed replacing text by selecting part of the text and typing while line needs to be wrapped • Fixed subtitles vertical positioning video preview • Fixed DLP Cinema XML export encoding, vertical position, font and colors • Fixed EZConvert SCC duplicated EDM lines • Fixed statistics dialog sometimes not opening • Fixed play-head shot-change indication being 1 frame off before the shot-change • Fixed video preview font size not affecting subtitle line height • Fixed words starting with '-' not catching up in find and replace whole word • Fixed cursor jumping to start when starting to type in a styled empty subtitle • Fixed overlapping paragraph spotting adding at the wrong index
New Features
• Added line length and screen lines information to the video preview • Implemented RTL Reorder option for IMSC-1 and STD • Show visual indicators when playing • Added the default option "Any" to the color check • Added the "Ignore Inline Colors" option to DFXP, ITT, PRMT - TTML, STD and TT • Listen to hotkeys only when the page is focused and don't catch any inside open dialogs • Implemented safe area preview on top of the video (configurable via user configuration) • Updated playback rates list • Added support for additional word script files structures on import • Add support for find and replace without removing rich styling • Don't ignore digits inside words on spellcheck • Implemented importing of.pdf files (shooting scripts) into Transcribe • Updated French & Canadian French dictionaries • Add an option to add separator rows on DOCX Script export • Allow using a different output engine in Convert and Batch Convert • Allow importing "Ooona Project" subtitles to support projects comparsion in the Compare app • Do not use last settings on import or export but rather read them from project settings
Feb 4th, 2019 update

Feb - 04 - 2019

Bug fixes
• Updated Portuguese (Brazilian) dictionary definition • Fixed Review summary sometimes failing to export to Excel • Fixed numpad keys not working on OSX • Fixed script exporting adding an extra space at the end of every cell • ITT export - added direction to the style tag • Fixed lines duplication in CC when applying a style to a selected range • Fixed DFXP export Language sometimes using the language name instead of code • Fixed jump to dialog enter submit adding a new line when jumping • Fixed new project dialog not selecting the last used template • Fixed 'Fit subtitles to one row' removes italics from the second line • Fixed translate sync messing up when adding a new untimed paragraph • Fixed vertical alignment not working for selected range using the hotkeys • Fixed TTML converters ignoring white color even if it's wrapped with another color • Fixed table editor ignoring “white” colors (showing the parent color if present)
New Features
• Implemented audio scrubbing for MPEG-DASH • Remember selected index when closing and re-opening a project • Removed default hotkeys that might change the screen layout for some computers (alt+shit+left, alt+shift+right) • Added “Ignore Inline Colors” to most xml exports • Added the default option "Any" to the color check
Jan 16th, 2019 update

Jan - 16 - 2019

New Features
• Added Chinese (Cantonese) language • Changed default font for Chinese languages to SimHei • Changed default encoding to UTF-8 for all languages • Added additional GSI metadata to EBU .STL in export dialog • Force user to download the project file on every save failure • Prevent opening a project that's being used by a different user • Sentence coloring - color dots at the start of the sentence if there is no space after them • Sentence coloring - when coloring sentence, set the color and don't toggle it • Sentence coloring - fixed not working when cursor is before end punctuation • Sentence coloring - keep coloring quotes after end punctuation • Separated sentence coloring and caption coloring hotkeys • Assume the text inline style of the previous paragraph's last sentence in a new empty paragraph • Removed export-related options from import dialog
Bug fixes
• Fixed Web VTT always exporting with absolute positioning • Fixed ignoring unchecked checkbox value on export if project settings has a true value • Fixed focus jumping to next row when setting sentence color • Fixed EBU STL warning to show unprintable characters instead of replaced accent characters • Fixed file importing hangs after deleting all subs in a project • Fixed subtitle lines duplication issues • Fixed CAP & SCC export issues
Jan 10th, 2019 update

Jan - 10 - 2019

New Features
• Added support for deriving import / export settings from project settings (e.g. language, fps..) • Added line indexes (vertical align) indication to source column • Added an option to ignore inline styling on export for TTML formats • Added an option to set the style tag color for Netflix TT export • Added a warning when characters are replaced in EBU STL export • Added an option for "No box" under box override • Added CC / TTXT mode indicator to the top of the page • Added support for additional languages • Changed default grid layouts for all apps to have a wider video • Updated the default timeline length to 20 seconds instead of 16 seconds • Renamed "Box / Outline Override" to "Box / Outline Preview" • Allow set timing mode in Closed Captions tool and doesn't show the default key value • Allow editing box type in Closed Captions mode • Implemented hotkeys differentiation between enter and numpad enter • Improved review diff dialog(added align, vertical align and tags comparison)
New Formats
• Implemented RTF via OoonaConvert and fixed first in-cue issue • Implemented SIF(Swift Interchange file) via OoonaConvert • Implemented Videotron Lambda(.cap) via OoonaConvert • Implemented DLP Cinema XML(.xml) via OoonaConvert • Implemented Softitler TXT file(.txt) via OoonaConvert
Bug fixes
• Fixed color override for OoonaConvert • Fixed RTL word script export • Fixed review diff detection • Fixed file import changing Open / CC / TTXT mode • Fixed PAC files that cannot be imported • Fixed export using presets saves the file with incorrect extension • Fixed Digital Cinema resolutions cannot be used in Open mode exports via EZConvert • Fixed Avid Nitris TXT not being reversed on import / export if RTL is checked • Fixed dropMode attribute export for DFXP • Fixed some CAP files that fail to import via OOONAConvert • Fixed redundant splits on CC import • Fixed two factor login not returning to the last page • Fixed generic xml import recognizing SMPTE-TT file as NBCU • Fixed closed captions xml file importing with split boxes error • Fixed subtitle adding when playing and having the playhead between 2 subtitles • Fixed 'Not Saved' indicator not shown for projects with long names • Fixed caption getting duplicated and split on align change • Fixed log back in popup form • Fixed fixes running not holding for 'Not aligned to top/bottom' • Fixed EBU STL Romanian comma characters not being replaced
Dec 11th, 2018 update

Dec - 11 - 2018

  • Implemented Web VTT (.vtt) via OoonaConvert
  • Implemented FinalCut (.fcpxml) via OoonaConvert
  • Fixed initial validation on big projects
  • Added support for tags in Transcribe
  • Fixed bottom position calculation on file import when project is set to 23 lines
  • Sort fonts list by alphabetical order
  • Fixed new text styling overriding new text inside already styled block
  • Implemented a check for italicized characters in column 32
  • Implemented a check for redundant split captions
  • Fixed chain subtitles fix rounding and false positives
  • Fixed backups fetching failing for certain projects
  • Fixed text coloring when typing in the middle of the sentence and it auto breaks
  • Added a user configuration to automatically create a new subtitle when setting an out-cue
  • Implemented offset dialog hotkey + run recut / offset on enter
  • Changed go to beginning / end default hotkeys
  • Implemented Avid® DS Nitris™ Subtitles via OoonaConvert
  • Implemented RTF via OoonaConvert
  • Implemented CAP in OoonaConvert
  • Implemented SCC in OoonaConvert
  • Implemented Apple® DVD Studio Pro® (.stl) via OoonaConvert
  • Fixed auto-break behavior when editing existing text and when pasting text
  • Added Teletext mode
  • Fixed new subtitle text color
  • Fixed foreground color toggling off via a hotkey
  • Fixed font size in source column and while playing
  • Validate JSON template files to avoid projects being uploaded as templates
  • Updated set out cue logic to work on the previous subtitle if play-head is between subtitles
  • Implemented DOCX Script files importing into Transcribe
  • Fixed wrong duration value (1 frame off) and fixed timecodes rounding to closest frame
  • Fixed EBU STL via OoonaConvert placement issues for non-standard project screen lines value
  • Fixed Translate source column highlighting the wrong subtitle if any prior subtitles are deleted from the target column
  • Put the cursor at the start of the subtitle text instead of the end by default
  • Allow selecting target extension when exporting to a format that supports more than a single extension
  • Fixed 1 frame drift for certain timecodes caused by rounding and empty rows being ignored when exporting via EZConvert
  • Escape XML entities (‘, “, >, <, &) when exporting Paramount Timed Text
  • Fixed EZConvert formats exports time rounding
  • Implemented an hotkey to select the entire line
  • Show read-only remarks and annotation in source columns
  • Fixed timecode overrun client side calculation
Nov 15th, 2018 update

Nov - 15 - 2018

  • Fixed Closed Captions text dragging on the video grid not working
  • Fixed errors caused by subtitles added at an index larger than the last index + 1 (caused by adding at end, undoing and adding again)
  • Fixed Chained subtitles & Invalid duration checks false positives
  • Fixed the compare tool not importing files
  • Implemented a setting to hide the barcode but keep the text watermark
  • Agent connectivity improvements
  • Fixed - Applying a preset doesn't update fields that are not visible before the preset is chosen
  • Fixed “Font 2” not updating when changing “Language 1” which updates “Language 2” automatically
  • Added the SMPTE-TT ST-2052 – with all regions and background color instead of box
  • Fixed Burn & Encode app - table highlighting, errors and timeouts
  • Removed Teletext check / fix from system created lists
  • Prevent timecodes larger than 24 hours on export
  • When finishing a project - don't export a file if no export configuration was provided
  • Fixed speed and volume video menus in Closed Captions
  • Fixed SMPTE frame rounding to be exactly the same on the server and the client
  • Fixed subtitles exporting with "Arial" font even if a different font is defined in the project settings
  • Fixed language updating in TTML formats for languages like Chinese Traditional
  • Fixed sentence coloring hotkeys issues
  • Fixed quote form throwing an error for unregistered users
  • Updated homepage clients, video and added a link to the help center at the bottom
  • Fixed Web VTT vertical alignment issue
  • Fixed applying a preset updates fields not shown on the form only on the 2nd time
  • Fixed agent connectivity issues
Oct 29th, 2018 update

Oct - 29 - 2018

New Features
• Active subtitle background changed for better readability • Implemented Invalid Teletext Characters check & fix • Implemented color/style clearing hotkey • Updated range selection dialog default values to select all + clear selection on close • Clear multiple paragraphs selection after bulk deletion • Implemented new text coloring hotkeys • Implemented sentence coloring hotkeys across paragraphs • Added language default font (font auto updates for Hindi & Japanese) • Changed the default font for Word script export (ABDL) • Added separate column for out-cues in ABDL export • Implemented out-of-sequence check and fix • Updated default values in the ‘Jump To’ dialog and added additional jumping options • Improved framerate conversion and added target start TC & timecode format support • Ignore media start TC invalid value when exporting with framerate conversion • Added a project saving indicator at the bottom of the page • In closed captions file export – show a warning if screen is not 15 rows and 32 column • Video player volume button is now vertical • Allow resetting password for users that haven't confirmed their emails • Show login dialog for every unauthorized project save
Bug Fixes
• Removed 30FPS (DF/NDF) timecode formats from 23.976 & 24 framerates • Fixed new text coloring for new paragraphs & keep current style if not at end of text
• Fixed selected index and total subtitles count at toolbar on project restore • Remove zero width characters from subtitle text • Fixed waveform being early by a few frames for most long videos • Fixed occasional false detection of minimal frame gap • Fixed edited subtitles detection in Review and Review Pro • Fixed chained subtitles check detection • Fixed cursor not following in Translate (for projects originally created in Closed Captions)
File formats fixes
• Fixed inline styles spacing • Fixed Smpte-TT CEA 608 split captions on import • Fixed Cheetah .CAP center align (for 1 lined & 30 characters) & line positioning and split boxes • Fixed Web VTT discrepancies • Fixed 890 vertical positioning discrepancies • Fixed Ooona TT and SMPTE-TT invalid align for RTL languages • Fixed .fcpxml invalid line alignment import for RTL languages • Updated UltechDV to allow import and fixed fixed default mode to CC export • Added option to export SMPTE-TT CEA-608 with SMPTE time base • Fixed IMSC1 Fox timing drift and rounding issues • Improved EBU STL non-latin languages issue • Fixed top placed subtitle splitting positioning • Fixed EBU STL not exporting when start TC is set on the export dialog • Fixed incorrect timing on TTML import with frames timecodes
Sep 4th, 2018 update

Sep - 04 - 2018

• Allow importing custom TXT file without OUT-cues • Fixed timecodes and line indexes in Ooona TXT & SUB formats • Updated EBU STL with distinct align to lines, comments + fixed line index and line text formatting • Fixed invalid timecodes on export • Fixed OOONA format importing issue • Fixed TTML via OoonaConvert issues • Added support for annotation and remarks export in Custom Text export • Fixed first subtitle dissapearing bug • Fixed Converter skipping import screen • Fixed OoonaConvert SRT export • Fixed EzConvert untimed subtitles file importing (with all in/out cues set to 0) • Fixed "Empty line" fix deleting empty subtitles • Fixed DASH video stalls issue • Pass Language code to EBU settings • Fixed EBU .STL at 29.97 FPS is exported with incorrect value in header • Fixed 1 frame different on play/pause • Don't show hours greater than 23 in SMPTE times • Added support for Widevine DRM (enterprise) • Fixed timecode overrun check and validation • Fixed EBU STL language mapping and default header codepage • Fixed EBU STL html encoded characters on export • Fixed SCC export - remove BOM from exported file • Round number of characters / words when showing or checking reading speed issues • Fixed omitted subtitle deleting • Fixed spell-check issues (failing for valid words) • Added an option to clear spellcheck results • Fixed bug export for DLP cinema .xml (corrupted .zip) • Added support for the VDHB format • New spell-check fix process with Change / Change All / Ignore / Ignore All • Fixed default configuration tempalte name to be Latin 23.976
Aug 6th, 2018 update

Aug - 06 - 2018

• Fixed Dashboard not opening • Fixed toolbar crashing in the Review tool when moving between subs • Fixed Transcribe soft line breaks (not auto-wrap) issue while the video is playing • Fixed mode switching button updating • Fixed editor losing focus when starting to type • Fixed tag adding to custom text export • Fixed cursor jumping issues • Fixed copy/paste/cut doesn't work on first try or before making an edit • Fixed errors causing the Table / Toolbar / Timeline to crash • Fixed text losing xpos on first change after project JSON is imported • Fixed custom text tag exporting for RTF row delimtier • Fixed new project opening as an empty page • Fixed default cursor position to be at the end of the last line. • Fixed subtitle moving to first line when using move word up/down or music symbol hotkeys • Improved spellcheck - persist spellcheck result per subtitle • Fixed focus lost when navigating between subtitles if table is locked to center • Fixed rounding in captions preview • Fixed "Fit subtitles to one row" check • Fixed DVD Studio Pro STL Import Crash • Replaced invalid new line tag from ttml exports (e.g. DFXP) • Fixed aligning all lines when playing & pausing the video (if align all lines is on) • Fixed DFXP via EZConvert export rounding errors at 29.97 DF • Performance improvements • Get video start TC from DAT file
July 26th, 2018 update

July - 26 - 2018

• Auto wrap text in Transcribe (soft line breaks that won’t affect the export) • Added screen lines to all dvd images exports • Show framerate conversion in all exports • Fixed new paragraph spotting location in Transcribe • Fixed file importing failing • Auto merge split subtitles when importing not in Closed Captions and when “Mode” (in the import dialog) is set to “Open” • Fixed order when jumping between inputs • Fixed importing .itt file with OoonaConvert • Fixed vertical align on DCP XML import • Fixed error when exporting from Closed Captions with 25 fps • Fixed importing a project form a different app and saving it • Update timecode format when running framerate conversion • Implemented feet timecode in Transcribe export • Don't change mode on import in Transcribe • Fixed splitting subtitles on end of row cursor position • Changed remarks background & adjust textarea and close button position • Fixed split subtitles getting merged or losing alignment issues in Closed Captions • Fixed CAP & EztXml vertical align on export • Fixed untimed SRT importing without the first paragraph • Fixed excel / word files failing to export and omitted subtitles export • Fixed toolbar overflowing the screen which hides the range selection icon • Fixed Transcribe custom fields select not working when there's a checkbox below it • Fixed vertical align not updating when screen lines is 2 • Fixed editor toolbar being disabled even though a table row is selected and focused • Rewrote changed indexes calculation to better compare source and target columns • Fixed truncated spaces around partial italics on import • Fixed split subtitles moving focus to left side when typing on the right in Closed Captions • SCC & CAP formats updated • Fixed subtitles drag & drop in batch convert • Thicker reading speed bar + reading speed values • Changed current time line color when on shotchange • Fixed Transcribe annotation formatting on word script export • Implemented mode specific configurations • Fixed Paramount Timed Text wrong language code in export dialog • Fixed incorrect frame rate multiplier for 25 fps in IMSC1 export • Implemented composite letters (a letter with more than 1 char) handling • Implemented hotkeys for move in/out TC to match out/in TC of next/prev subtitle • Implemented adding & removing shotchanges • Updated default safe area to 10% • Fixed last subtitle with no out-cue timeline preview in CC mode • Fixed export redundant spaces • Added an option to disable validation in user configuration • Fixed appending subtitles in transcribe clearing custom fields • Fixed move word up / down a line not always working • Don't show reading speed if subtitle is not timed • Fixed - importing a target file on existing project in Translate might leave the current paragraph with it's previous text • Fixed - Checks not flagging Italicized leading/trailing spaces • Fixed - Focus is lost after splitting block in Closed Captions • Fixed range selection not showing the row selection checkbox in Review • Fixed splitting subtitles by specific time through the timeline • Fixed SMPTE-TT 608 export issues • Fixed SMPTE timecodes rounding on export • System wide performance improvements for all components (especially for table typing) • Fixed incorrect time code on 25 fps export • Fixed alignment glitches on split subtitles in Closed Captions
June 20th, 2018 update

June - 20 - 2018

• Fixed file importing in the converter app. • Fixed DASH streaming issues when seeking through the video • Moved auto-save interval from project settings to user configuration • Fixed inline styling toggle off (italics / bold / underline / colors) • Fixed alignment hotkeys ignoring the "Align all lines" setting • Added hotkeys for closed captions left / right grid movements • Added justification hotkeys • Fixed TTML generic xml format recognition • Fixed STD format remarks and text with angle brackets • Updated add paragraph hotkey to add it next instead of the current time • Fixed video not jumping when selecting a subtitle in the table • Added validation for subtitles out of time sequence • Fixed CAP & SCC alignment issues • Fixed split subtitles issues • Fixed tags statistics dialog • Re - implemented spellcheck check & fix on client side to speed it up • Fixed show only edited subtitles positioning • Fixed export failing in EZConvert when line length is higher than 50 • Fixed new paragraph spotting index when there are no out cues • Updated Review Mode to also work for subtitles with no out cues • Prevent empty project saving both on client & on server side • Fixed Cheetah.cap import • Auto populate out-cues on import for all formats • Fixed italics exporting spaces • Auto break lines on file import if "Auto break line" is checked • Added Latin &Yiddish to languages • Added Tagalog &Telugu dictionaries • Other minor bug fixes
June 7th, 2018 update

June - 7 - 2018

• CAP & SCC positioning fixes • Allow more than 1 line in annotation / remarks • Fixed 25 fps export SMPTE calculation • Fixed ITT with HH;MM;SS.MSS timebase re-import drift bug • Fixed DOCX import for files exported from the Toolkit • Added change case options • Allow selecting all find & replace dialog results • Allow filtering export subtitles only by selected subtitles • Fixed show only edited button in Review • Fixed timeline right click time accuracy • Added an option to add a subtitle in the playhead position to the toolbar • Fixed new project first subtitle default values • Fixed Translate synchronize by time • Added a global box value (in project settings) to ClosedCaptions • Updated add paragraph hotkey to add it at the current time • Added language & framerate indication at the top of the page • Fixed cursor (focus) staying in the previous row • Fixed timecode conversion logic • Implemented custom user configuration • Implemented custom step +/- hotkey with the value defined in the user configuration • Added timecode overrun validation & check/fix • Added support for resizing table columns • Added check + fix for subs/caps not aligned to bottom / top • Fixed automatic out-cue preview in timeline (CC) • Added closed captions mode to all tools • Fixed error when trying to split a caption at the start of the second line • Improved video pausing time accuracy • Added number of frames to timing overrun error • Improved coloring hotkeys • Fix style applying only from the second character
May 15th, 2018 update

May - 15 - 2018

• Implemented omitted subtitles • Performance improvements for multi-column apps • Prevent delete / add / split / merge when timecodes are locked • Fixed double scrollbars on table row • Add search for whole word + search in source to Find & Replace • Renamed preview / edit mode to review / work mode • Updated STD tags, omitted and comments • Allow offsetting when appending subtitles • Rewrite for checks and fixes to improve performance • Improved performance when video is playing • Added 0.75x video playback speed • Fixed "Append subtitle" hotkey • SMPTE-TT CC XML – import / export position fix • .itt export - allow HH:MM: SS.MSS • Fixed timeline click sometimes causing spotting with DASH videos • EBU STL top position and empty line fixes • Paramount TTML re - import drift fix • Improved spellcheck performance (reduced run time by 70 %) • Other minor bug fixes
April 26th, 2018 update

Apr - 26 - 2018

• Added shotchanges level selection • Updated TTML IMSC-1 xml, SMPTE-TT 608, DFXP and Netflix DFXP • Improved audio scrubbing to play even if it takes it a few seconds to start playing • Added positive & negative offsets on export • Implemented timecode strech / squeeze using 2 reference points • Implemented Find & replace match case checkbox • Implemented Cavena 890 via OoonaConvert • Implemented SCC via OoonaConvert • Added hotkeys to snap start / end to closest shotchange • Updated SON export color palette • Added font size control for DLP format • Fixed STD horizontal and vertical positioning • Fixed applying snap to shotchanges to already snapped subtitles • Fixed auto-recognize timing format for ticks • Fixed timeline 1 frame drift issue • Fixed timeline frame accuracy for NTSC framerate • Fixed ooona format annotation exporting • Fixed preview mode not showing subtitles when video is paused • Fixed SCC split subtitles export • Fixed UltechDV image export top positioning • Fixed custom positioning importing
April 16th, 2018 update

Apr - 16 - 2018

• Allow multiple authenticated running tabs even when "Remember me" was not checked • Improved SMPTE calculation accuracy for drop-frame framerates • Added a third column to Review Pro that would house the English template • Import improvements for CAP - line numbers, auto-generated out-cues and bottom center positioning • Import improvements for SCC - music symbols, auto-generated out-cues and horizontal positioning • Import improvements for SMPTE-TT - empty lines fix and left/right positioning • Improved table scrolling performance and fixed table not scrolling to current row • Improved closed captions split subtitle • Improved closed captions video grid text positioning • Allow hiding the closed captions video grid • Reflect the screen positioning inside the table row on the Closed Captions tools • Allow admins impersonate users associated with them • Allow exporting cropped USF/UYC • Added dictionary to project settings to avoid issues with checks running after changing language • Improved SON export - fixed pixel area calculation and removed extra color form export • Improved subtitle duration check accuracy • Align / justification preview issues fixed on table & video • Generic XML file import (auto recognize exact format) • Added hotkey to insert music symbol • Added duplicate hotkeys validation while editing hotkeys • Fixed adding new subtitle using hotkey adds after next subtitle on preview mode • Fixed several issues with DVD images export • Fixed tags offset in Translate • Fixed hotkeys schema import button • Fixed DCP XML export options • Fixed jumping to next tag with hotkey not working • Fixed dashboard product assigning / removing • Fixed VTT import vertical alignment issues • Fixed 23.97 DF import timecodes when using EZConvert
March 27th, 2018 update

Mar - 27 - 2018

• Fixed snapping to shot-changes when Media start TC is not 00:00:00:00 • Fixed shot-change distance & snap comb when Media start TC is not 00:00:00:00 • Fixed audio scrubbing when Media start TC is not 00:00:00:00 • Updated shot-change not to show duplicates + reduced indicator width • Fixed project backup downloading • Allow dragging system dialogs by holding the top part and dragging • Updated checks & fixes to show results indexes + allow jumping to next check/fix • Updated Fox IMSC-1 to latest spec • Fixed EBU STL start line • Fixed video jumping to a different subtitle when selecting a subtitle on Preview mode • Added an option to export regular Web-VTT instead of the absolute positioning version • Fixed subtitles timing offset on export not working when there's no out-cue • Improved frame by frame seeking • Fixed TTML timing round issue when import via OoonaConvert • Fixed Web-VTT missing new line • Disable layout file importing to avoid breaking the layout • Fixed SoftNi sub export error • Updated Netflix TT region and style definitions • Fixed closed captions xPos and aligning issues • Fixed table not jumping to next subtitle when gap is 0 • Center the timeline to current time on zoom in/out • Added "Play subtitle" to timeline subtitle right click menu • Fixed play-head jumping between subtitles infinitely bug • Fixed shot-changes position accuracy on timeline • Fixed audio waveform accuracy • Fixed mouse click on timeline in regular Create not jumping to time • Fixed focus jumping • Fixed locked subtitles on Translate • Fixed reading speed ignoring count spaces • Fixed DFXP & Netflix –TT SMPTE/MEDIA conversion • Fixed focus jumping
March 12th, 2018 update

Mar - 12 - 2018

• Implemented closed captions split & merge buttons, hotkeys and video grid dragging • Implemented playhead distance from shot change indicators • Added support chat and help center • Added 'auto-recognize time format' for TTML import • Implemented DLP .xml format • Added 'Media start TC' to export dialog which only affects exported file • Added client support for streaming MPEG-DASH + HLS + RTMP for secure video content • Implemented auto-fix to adjust subtitles intervals • Show checks messages on fixes dialog • Added annotation field (required for Netflix timed templates) • Updated Fox IMSC-1 .xml according to new specs • Panasonic .SPI - added TIFF images option • Added closed captions styles (pop-on, roll-up, paint-on) implementations and hotkeys • Spruce SON - position recalculation + changed .son file content for non-copped images • Implemented waveform/shotchanges .dat file importing • Added additional information to project backups for easier restore • Added validation errors for closed captions when subtitles runs off the screen • Duplicate control code option when exporting SCC + semi-colon option • Closed captions 'blank between popons' added to project settings • Separate templates for export/import and project settings • Updated DFXP + Netflix TT to only have 2 regions (top/bottom) • Added SMPTE timecode conversion checkbox for SRT format • Horizontally align entire subtitle by default (with an option to turn it off and align each line separately) • Sync by time' option is now under the Translate menu • Allow settings safe area values with decimal points • SoftNi .sub time export for 23.976 updated to SMPTE timebase • Allow disabling auto-jump to next subtitle after timing • Fixed html symbols preview in CC app • Fixed project language not auto populated in export dialog • Fixed dropframe SMPTE calculation • Fixed error thrown when setting in-cue after last subtitle in preview mode • Fixed auto-save issues • Fixed undo not working after appending subtitles to existing project • Fixed ITT export Chinese Simplified/Traditional, Montenegrin and Portuguese (BR) language codes • Fixed translate row indexes shift after refresh when source paragraph has more than 1 line • Checks & fixes dialog improvements and bug fixes • Fixed shot changes shifted +1 frame • Fixed jumping to first subtitle bug on checks & fixes dialogs • Fixed timeline frame accuracy & positioning • Fixed color check to fix both foreground and background • Fixed validation errors after deleting paragraph
January 29th, 2018 update

Jan - 29 - 2018

• Added video watermark containing user's email and IP address • Implemented timeline zoom using mouse wheel • Implemented framerate conversion dialog • Implemented timing & positioning file import • Improved project conversion when moving between apps • Added hotkeys for toggling all tags types and jumping to next tag • Compare tool – now compares all properties and detects split/merge • Additional settings for RTF, SRT, CAP, DOC, EBU STL, Videotron Lambda • Added Tag statistics dialog • Added additional playback speeds • Implemented language detection on import to warn about wrong file language • Advanced search - by tag, vertical align, marked, has remarks • Prevent saving a previous version of a project when server has a newer version • Bulk selection & updates improvements with range selection hotkey • Ctrl + i/u/b will affect entire paragraph if there's no selection • Translate timeline - match to video preview • Toggle of source project on timeline • Allow not exporting comments to DFXP • Auto fix subtitle to bottom when deleting the 2nd line • Added French (Canada) language & dictionary • Added Finnish dictionary • Added Portuguese (BR) dictionary • New format: NBC/Universal SMPTE-TT • New format: Paramount TTML • New format: SMPTE-TT CEA 608 captions • SoftNi Sub updated • IMSC .xml updated • Blu-Ray BDN export updated • ITT format added to OoonaConvert • Fixed EBU STL export for Bulgarian, Belarusian, Ukrainian & Kazakh • Fixed import/export DFXP media/smpte time calculation time shift • Fixed: changing project settings on export (only remember the format/engine) • Small bug fixes
January 4th, 2018 update

Jan - 04 - 2018

• Added tags filter on export dialog • Implemented app switching + importing project .json from other apps • Allow emails/usernames with hyphens • Implemented "Prevent Timing Overlap" (on by default) • General improvements to the fixes dialog process (fixed progress & speed) • Added custom text export • Added Paramount TTML export • Added reading speed "count spaces" option to project settings • Added ‘Jump to tag’ feature(via Find / Replace / Jump dialog) • Improvement for the subtitles preview outline readability • Added hotkeys edit dropdowns colors + hotkey clear button • Updated alerts UI – now they are smaller and appear on the right • New Dashboard for corporate clients + checkboxes for assigning • Larger tags icons at the bottom of the subtitle row • Stacked timeline instead of 2 timelines in Review / Translate • Timeline dragging with mouse while holding down the ctrl key • Fixed Dashboard bugs with assign / remove logic and create / edit users • Unintentionally raised subtitles are now auto-fixed • Fixed TTML/ DFXP italics import issue • Fixed - Quotes are detected as error in on - demand spell check • Fixed 'Fit subtitles to one row' • Fixed Review Pro's key • Special character replace bug fix • Fixed RTL punctuation when there are only numbers and specials chars • Fixed auto line break bug • Fixed menu items staying open bug • Fixed set in/out TC to set the in TC of next instead of OUT of prev • Fixed sub menu - items clicking • Other minor bug fixes